Calazans tiro de misericordia

Casus belli es una expresión latina que hace referencia a la circunstancia que supone causa o pretexto para iniciar una acción bélica Tiro de Misericórdia: tiro de gracia Golpe o disparo final para acabar con una persona o un animal moribundo, o también con una situación sin esperanza
Prayer of Sending of Sinful Soul that made the evil to their fellow creature: - "The bells are heard by the whole Sky. And that the terrible hand of GOD falls on You. As well as all powerful GOD created you. HE now calls you to come back home. To face your judgement" Pray of Sending of a Sinful Soul to his/her judgement: - "My GOD of the Universe, that I am worthy so that you do of my finger in the trigger an instrument of Your will, and that this person in my aim, person created by You, have finished the time and can go back Your sacred presence to be judged, be Like this it now and always! ".


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